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The Naked Bush

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Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 03:41 pm

re: the energy bill due out on the senate floor on mon. if activism= your thing, PLEASE HELP! Jun. 10th, 2005 @ 10:50 pm
We would like @ least 100 copies of this letter sent to the sen. specter and santorum's energy aids that the Center for Creative Cooperation met with in DC on Wednesday, 8 June 2005. (letter = under this lj cut)Collapse )
Present at the meeting were 5 representatives (including myself) from a newly formed NEPA "activist umbrella" called The Center for Creative Cooperation, which is a center for activists groups who support sane energy policies, environmentalism and general social justice issues to coalesce and support one another. The Center fully advocates the autonomy of each group, but is in place to help garner support and numbers for grass roots organizations.

The first section of the letter highlights some of what they SAID to us during out 90 minute conversation/debate. The second section is what WE support (as the Center for Creative Cooperation). Between all of us and our groups, these aides, Mr. Dower and Mr. Beynon, need to receive at least 100 hundred of these emailed letters this weekend, since the energy bill hits the Senate floor Monday.

We fully understand that these letters may not change the course of energy bill history. HOWEVER

1. These letters will put these guys on notice that we weren't kidding when we said that we represented a "strong coalition of concerned citizen groups," I wasn't making it up - they need to know we have some numbers here.

2. They understand that for every letter they get, there are 10 more people in our groups who support what the letter says.

Please, spread the word to groups/people who you think may be interested........we would like @ least 100 letters/emails to be sent to these guys by monday.

If they only get a few, our impact int he future will be considerably less--if they get more than a few, we will matter more. GRASS ROOTS WORKS ON NUMBERS - So let's show them we have numbers!!!

All you have to do with the letter is:

paste the following two emails into the address line:
Matthew_Beynon@santorum.senate.gov Thomas_Dower@specter.senate.gov

if you know friends or other PA groups who would be interested in voicing similar (or the same) concerns, please forward this email to them, and have them send this message (or something similar...) to the email addresses listed above.

then, please sign your name (and address if you're from PA) under the "sincerely".

One more thing, i have recently started a (potentially... still have to file the paper work) non-profit group called S.A.F.E.R. (Student Action for Environmental Responsibilty). The only requirement to support this group is to be a student or a supporter of students/student action, so if you are interested in this (and you do not have to be a PA resident to "join") please let me know via a comment and if you are interested and choose to send a letter to san/spects reps please include something like:

Amie Monte
Member of S.A.F.E.R. (Student Action for Environmental Responsibilty)

after the closing "sincerely" of the letter.

thanks! if anyone has any ?'s about the meeting/lobbying for a sane energy policy lemme know:)


one more time: the letter we would like forwardedCollapse )

and please comment if you are forwarding the message because we would like to keep track of how many emails are being sent to the senators. thanks!!!


Apr. 20th, 2005 @ 03:27 pm
if you're interested in telling Congress to exempt the internet from restrictive campaign finance laws, which hurt the political procsess by stifling challengers, please read below.

* A bill is pending in Congress that would exempt
the Internet from the campaign finance
regulations. It's called the "Online Freedom of
Speech Act."
* The entire bill is just one sentence long. The
bill would give the Internet the same "freedom of
the press" exemption that the mainstream media
has. There's no reason the Internet should be
treated any differently than the mainstream
* DownsizeDC.org is conducting an online lobbying
campaign to get Congress to pass this
legislation. People can use DownsizeDC's
Electronic Lobbyist to ask their Representative
and their Senators to sponsor this bill. They can
do so by clicking here

May. 31st, 2005 @ 06:58 pm
Chris and I were watching 'the soup' on E! and we came up with the best charity fundraising idea:
A raffle with the prize of getting to kick president Bush in the nuts!
With a ten dollar entry fee, we could easily make millions in a matter of days.
I truly believe if "reauchambeau the President" contest would be an instant success.
To be fair, Chris and I decided other prizes would be kicking other politician in the jazz including Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bush senior, Senator John McCain, Trent Lott, Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney.
In addition, there would be a second "write an essay to reauchambeau the president" contest (with photos and profiles of the senators- i mean applicants).

Mar. 10th, 2005 @ 06:25 pm
Read more...Collapse )
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» You there...step away from the Constitution!!!
Yeah, so there I was...reading the news and this little gem catches my eye:
Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisionsCollapse )

So, while I am no advocate of Judicial activism, I am firmly in favor of maintaing the checks and balances that our Republic was set up with. Have we as Americans become so cowed with fear that we will resort to the mindless act of allowing one man to deem what is best for our nation? Are we ready for a dictator? This is essentially what the neo-cons want. They want your blind loyalty and patriotism to be so strong that all else pales in comparison, especially little pesky things like Constitutional authority God given rights. You know, inalienable rights.
Just some food for thought while we are still allowed to think thoughts like this. I suspect a time is rapidly approaching when the very words I am typing will be criminal in nature. Maybe I am paranoid, then again, maybe I am awake. Time will tell. God help us all.
» Give Dubya a Brain
Give Dubya a Brain.

Go ahead. You know you want to.
» (No Subject)
Earlier I ask if I would be arrested if I call those two fellows in DC Oily Dick and his butt puppet. One person (in another community) replied that I wouldn't be arrested for calling them names, but that I could be arrested for infering a homosexual lable on the President. (Not that I was really trying to do that.)

However, don't you think President Bush would be a better man and better leader if he showed just a tiny bit more love for his fellow man?

Interpret that however you will.
» This Election Season...
I was very giddy and gleeful when I saw this...

» The Truth Behind The Draft
To concerned citizens,

For too long now, anonymous parties have been purporting lies about who is behind the effort to bring back the first compulsory military draft since the Vietnam War. Recent polls suggest this effort was successful in convincing young people that the Bush Administration wants to reinstate the draft.


Find Out MoreCollapse )
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